Saturday 5 January 2013

Palmerston North's Steve King and Shaun Carter were the winners of the Sidecar Invitation while Darryl Harris took out the Modified Sprint Clay Cup at Mag and Turbo Ruapuna Speedway on Saturday evening.King and Carter, along with Paul Humphrey and swinger, Ben Franklin also from Palmerston North, dominated the sidecar racing sponsored by Digwork, with both outfits dominating their qualifying groups. King/Carter won all their three heatsfrom Group 1 with locals Clint Warwood/Paul Auton denying Humphrey/Franklin a clean sweep in Group 2, when Warwood/Auton narrowly took out the final heat.In the Final contested over three heats Humphrey/Franklin were untroubled to takeout the first two races with King/Carter second in the first race from Warwood and Auton. King and Carter then had to settle for third place in next race after a great battle with Bevan Nuttridge/Nick Watson (Christchurch), which saw the two combinations locked together over the entire race for second and third place with positions swapping three times before Nuttridge/Watson claimed second place by anarrow margin. There was drama at the start of the final race as the Humphrey/Franklin bike failed to fire-up at the start of the race due to battery issues and were then excluded when not be able to replace the battery within the 'two minute' rule. This left King and Carter to take the win and overall victory with Nuttridge/Watson claiming second place on the final lap ahead of Luke Thwaites/Neville Chalmers(Invercargill), which saw Nuttridge/Watson force a run-off for second place overall with Humphrey/Franklin. The latter took the run-off easily when leading from the gate with Nuttridge/Watson's machine then slowing with motor problems. The Shands Outdoor Power Clay Cup was keenly contested with Tom Lumsdenmaking an early claim for the title when winning the first two of the three qualifying heats. Lumsden then damaged the front end of his car when involved in a tangle on the Prison Bend, forcing him out of the restart. This allowed Invercargill's Ray Phillips to take the win from Kieran Harris, the defending cup holder, with his father Darryl third. The Harrises then controlled the Pole Shuffle which saw them start the Feature on the front row grids. On the green light Darryl Harris took the lead closely followed by his son with Phillips in third place. Lumsden's car had been repaired and he started in the middle of the field and over the opening laps worked his way up to fourth place.Darryl Harris had built up a handy lead over his son to control the race with Phillips doing all he could to try and claim second spot before a motor issue saw him retire from the race to leave Lumsden in third place. The leading positions remained the same until the chequered flag with Harris senior lifting the trophy.Kurt Hawkins dominated the Six Shooter racing with two wins and a third from four starts with Daryl Wright and Matt Donicliff also record wins.

Anthony Knowles was untroubled to win all the Senior Solo races, racking up four straight wins with Poletti Woods taking the runner-up spot on each occasion. The junior racing was evenly contested. Results (Competitors from Christchurch Unless Stated) Sidecars - Digworks Invitation Group 1 Ht 1 Paul Humphrey/Ben Franklin (P. North) 1, Clint Warwood/Paul Auton 2, Luke Thwaites/Neville Chalmers (Inv.) 3.

Ht 2 Humphrey/Franklin 1, Thwaites/ Chalmers 2, Warwood/Auton 3.

Ht 3 Warwood/Auton 2, Humphrey/Franklin 2, Lightfoot/McWilliams 3. Group 2 Ht 1 Steve King/Shaun Carter (P. North) 1, Mike Warwood/Nick Case 2, BevanNuttridge/Nick Watson 3.

Ht 2 King/Carter 1, Nuttridge/Watson 2, Grant Lighfoot/Shay McWilliams (Inv.)

Ht 3 King/Carter 1, Nuttridge/Watson 2. Finals

1 Humphrey/Franklin 1, King/Carter 2, Warwood/Auton 3.2 Humphrey/Franklin 1, Nuttridge/Watson 2, King/Carter 3.3 King/Carter 1, Nuttridge/Watson 2, Thwaites/Chalmers 3. Final Points: King/Carter 15, Humphrey/Franklin 12 (after run-off)Nuttridge/Watson 12, Humphrey/Franklin 10, Warwood/Auton 4,Lightfoot/McWilliams 2

Modified Sprints - Shands Outdoor Power Clay Cup Ht 1 Tom Lumsden 1, Kieran Harris 2, Josh Walls 3.

Ht 2 Lumsden 1, Ben Gilmore 2, Darryl Harris 3.

Ht 3 Ray Phillips (Inv) K Harris 2, D Harris 3 Pole Shuffle K Harris 1, D Harris 2, Gilmore 3, Phillips 4, Glen Finlay (Inv) 5, Feature D Harris 1, K Harris 2, Lumsden 3.

Six Shooters Ht 1 Daryl Wright 1, Kirk Hawkins 2, Ashley Moore (Cromwell) 3.

Ht 2 Matt Donicliff 1, Todd Hay 2, Hawkins 3.

Ht 3 Hawkins 1, Wright 2, Donicliff 3. Feature Hawkins 1, Wright 2, Moore 3.

Solos Juniors Ht 1 Massimo Roper 1, Tom Harvey 2, Tim Graham 3.

Ht 2 Georgia Alvin 1, George Harvey 2.

Ht 3 Roper 1, Harvey 2, T Graham 3.

Ht 4 G Harvey 1, Alvin 2.

Ht 5 T Harvey 1, Roper 2, Max Graham 3.

Ht 6 Alvin 1, G Harvey 2.

Seniors Ht 1 Antony Knowles 1, Poletti Woods 2, Glen Sole 3.

Ht 2 Knowles 1, Woods 2, Sole 3.

Ht 3 Knowles 1, Woods 2, Josh O'Docherty 3. Final Knowles 1, Woods 2, O'Docherty 3.

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