Ryan Stone Tribute Won By Webb and Basalasj Wins Southern Midget Series

Excellent track conditions at City South Van Spares Ruapuna Speedway on Saturday evening lead to fast close racing in all classes with Jeremy Webb taking out the Ryan Stone Tribute Feature in the Three Quarter Midget section.

The Tribute race was stopped in the fifth lap when Gareth Bindon €˜s car rode a wheel of a rival going into the Stadium Cars Prison bend sending his car on a wild ride of flips and rolls for 60 metres along the top of the concrete safety fence. Bindon was unhurt and quickly climbed out of his heavily damaged machine.

When the race restarted Webb continued to close in on the leaders after starting at the back of the field and took the lead on lap six and slowly build up a heady lead as interested focused in the minor placing with Daniel McKinley holding out Scott Bailey by less than a car length for second place with less than a second between Ryan Chapman, Liam McCourbrey and Kimberley Yeatman who filled the next three placing.

Nelson's Nevil Basalaj won the second round of the Southern Midget car series but only just from Tom Lumdsen who has lead from the opening lap. Basalaj had to start at back of the field after finishing as top scorer with a win and a fourth place in the heats, Glenn Everett was the other heat winner after having a great battle with Lumsden. In the Feature Lumsden quickly took the lead from Blair Low with Nick Marquet (Nelson) and Balalaj in third and fourth place.

Low was passed by Marquet and Basalaj on lap five with the three leading cars then raced nose to tail to the next four laps until Basalaj claimed second place in the CJ Phillips Construction Town bend. Lumsden continued to hold out Baslaj as the laps run down but as the two leaders were about to lap some rivals on the final lap Lumsden was blocked for a split second and that was enough for Basalaj to blast inside to take the lead and take the chequered flag by 0.38 seconds from the unlucky Lumsden with Marquet third from Dave Kerr, Dunedin Gavin Wilkie and Everett.

A smaller than normal field of Sprintcars also produced close racing with Caleb Brooks claiming his major wins with winning the first 5 lap dashs with Matt Honeywell when winning the next three dashs. As usual the Six Shooter racing was very even with Matthew Anderson (Dunedin) and Peter Keith winning a heat with Kris Jemmett taking out the Feature. Nelson's Jayden Bradley claimed a hat-trick of wins in his ¼ Midget with Montana Jamieson and Hunter Rowlands providing the main opposition.

Race Results - Competitors from Christchurch Unless Stated

Three Quarter Midgets

Ryan Stone Tribute

Ht 1. Daniel McKinley 1, Jeremy Webb 2, Ryan Chapman 3.

Ht 2. Ben Gilmore 1, Gareth Bindon 2, Alicia McLauchlan (Nelson) 3.

Feature. Webb 1, McKinley 2, Scott Bailey 3.

Top 10. Webb 1, Kyle Glover 2, Ryan Chapman 3.


Southern Series - Round 2

Ht 1. Glenn Everett 1, Gavin Wilkie (Dunedin) 2, Nick Marquet (Nelson) 3.

Ht 2. Nevil Basalij 1, Dave Kerr 2, Tom Lumsden 3.

Feature. Basalij 1, Lumsden 2, Marquet 3.


5 x 5

Leg 1. Caleb Brooks 1, Ray Baughan 2, Matt Honeywell (Rakaia) 3.

Leg 2. Brooks 1, Alan Chapham 2, Baughan 3.

Leg 3. Honeywell 1, Chapman 2, Baughan 3.

Leg 4. Honeywell 1, Brooks 2, Chapman 3.

Leg 5. Honeywell 1, Baughan 2, Chapman 3.

Final Points: Honeywell 19, Brooks 16, Chapman 15, Baughan 15, Steve Duff jnr 7.

Modified Sprints

Ht 1. Caleb Baughan 1, Verdon McHaffie 2, Alan Daly 3.

Ht 2. McHaffie 1, Baughan 2.

Feature. Baughan 1, McHaffie 2, Daly 3.

Six Shooters

Ht 1. Matthew Anderson (Dunedin) 1, Grant Harkess 2, Ben Smit 3.

Ht 2. Peter Keith 1, Harkess 2, Anderson 3.

Feature. Kris Jemmett 1, Todd Hay 2, Harkess 3.

¼ Midgets

Ht 1. Jaydan Bradley (Nelson) 1, Montana Jamieson 2, Hunter Rowland 3.

Ht 2. Bradley 1, Rowland 2, Jamieson 3.

Feature. Bradley 1, Brad Clive 2, Jamieson 3.

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