RACE MEETING 8 Cromwell's Jason Scott successfully defended his South Island Sprintcar titleat Mag and Turbo Ruapuna Speedway on Saturday evening, with locals fillingthe other places on the rostrum, Ray Baughan runner-up and former BlackCap, Nathan Astle in third position. Twenty cars lined up for the title race with Scott leading the 25 laps racefrom start to finish but was pushed all the way by Baughan with Astlefinishing strongly to claim third spot in what is his debut season of racing thewinged V8s.Scott's win was his third and now joins Roger Gleeson (1982 - 84) and BrucePluck (1995- 97) with a hat-trick of wins on the bounce.Scott and Baughan went into the final in the top of the qualifying heats, bothclaiming a win to earn a front row start with Scott quickly taking the leadfrom Baughan with a real battle developing for third to sixth place betweenDaniel Anderson (Cromwell), Brent Gaudion, Astle and Barry Low. Not even adamaged exhaust could slow Scott down but as the leaders cut through thelapped cars Baughan closed up with ten laps to run before Scott managed toopen up a 50 metre lead when the chequered flag dropped.Astle showed that he is no one day wonder when starting in fifth place andpassed Gaudion on Lap 17 and then got by Anderson three laps later to claimhis best success yet since taking up speedway three years ago. He racedModified Sprints for two seasons before moving up to the Sprintcar Division.Astle set the fastest time of the night of 14.13 seconds, when winning heattwo after finishing in sixth place in the opening heat and currently sits inseventh place in the $60,000 War of the Wings Series which still has severalrounds to go.Former South Island Solo champion, Daniel McKinlay impressed in the ThreeQuarter Midget section winning the two heats before finishing in fourth placein the Feature behind Glen Milroy, Ryan Chapman and Brian Fridd.Racing in the Modified Sprits and Six Shooter classes were very competitivewith Darryl Harris and Matt Doncliff winning their respective Feature races. Results (Competitors from Christchurch unless stated) SprintcarsRolly Inn South Island Championship

Ht 1: Ray Baughan 1, Barry Low 2, Daniel Anderson (Cromwell) 3, BrentGaudion 4, Kris Gerard (Nelson) 5, Nathan Astle 6.

Ht 2: Astle 1, Kyle Shearing (Invercargill) 2, Ross McKinnel (Inver) 3, JasonScott (Cromwell) 4, Caleb Brooks 5, Greg Teece (Nelson) 6.

Ht 3: Scott 1, Brent Gaudion 2, Daniel Anderson (Cromwell) 3, GregClemence 4, Baughan 5, Mark Evans (Cromwell) 6.

Qualfying Points: Scott 25, Baughan 24, Gaudion 24, Anderson 24, Astle 23,Shearing 21, Caleb Brooks 18, Teece 16, Evans 15, Low 13, Ross McKinnel(Inv) 12, Clemence 11, Gerard 10, Gareth Thomas 10, Allan Chapman 8,Steve Mora 7, Cory Price (Cromwell) 7, Russell Jack (Cromwell) 6,Final: Scott 1, Baughan 2, Astle 3, Anderson 4, Gaudion 5, Low 6, Teece 7,Clemence 8, Price 9, Shearing 10.

Modified Sprints Ht 1: Kieran Harris 1, Darryl Harris 2, Josh Walls 3.

Ht 2: Walls 1, Charlie Jackson 2, D Harris 3.Feature: D Harris 1, Jackson 2, Caleb Baughan 3.

Six Shooters Ht 1: Brooke Wright 1, Kirk Hawkins 2, Kevin Clive 3.

Ht 2: Sam O'Callaghan (Cromwell) 1, Hawkins 2, Ray Buchanan (Cromwell)3.Feature: Matt Doncliff 1, Kevin Clive 2, Jayden Fitzgibbon 3.

¾ Midgets Ht 1: Daniel McKinlay 1, Brian Fridd 2, Glen Milroy 3.

Ht 2: McKinlay 1, Milroy 2, Fridd 3.Feature: Milroy 1, Ryan Chapman 2, Fridd 3. ¼ Midgets Ht 1: Jack Low 1, Brad Sherman 2, Montana Jamieson 3.

Ht 2: Jamieson 1, Alissa Clive 2, Low 3.Final: Jamieson 1, Low 2, Liam McCoubrey 3.

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