McDonald Claims Sprintcar Gold Cup Victory 10-01-2015

Auckland's Jamie McDonald took out a trilling win in the CJ Phillips Construction Sprintcar Gold Cup at City South Van Spares Ruapuna Speedway on Saturday evening. McDonald from Auckland has been coming south for a number of years for the Gold Cup and finally nailed a win in the iconic event raced over 25 laps.

McDonald's car came on strongly over the final stages with his set up suiting the lower line after local Jamie Duff had lead the 20 car Feature on the green from Dean Brindle (Auckland), Jamie Larsen (Palm. North) the defending Gold Cup holder, Daniel Eggleton (Auck) and McDonald. Brindle dropped several spots when clipping the wall on lap three.

Duff continued to set an electric pace and at one stage had opened up a fifty metre using the high line. By lap 15 Larsen, also running the high line had closed right on Duff with McDonald now in third place. After several cautions over the closing laps McDonald inched by Larsen coming out of the Town bend and then took the lead going by the start finish line, with Brindle also passing Larsen and Duff to take second place. Larsen then got by Duff with a lap to run with Duff coming back on the final lap to claim third place over all from McDonald and Brindle.

In the heats Brindle set a new 12 lap record of 2 minutes 44.82 when winning the opening heat with Eggleton and Duff also claiming a heat win with the changing track conditions catching several drivers out during the evening watch saw several cars roll but damage was minimal with most cars likely to be auction for the Salute to Goodie on Wednesday evening and the NZ GP next Saturday.

In the support racing Dunedin's James Robinson took out the Canterbury Six Shooter title from Grant Harkess and Matt Doncliff with just five points between the top four. Jeremey Webb continued impress in the TQ section with the Feature win as well as two heats wins, with Gareth Nixon second on the Feature and a claiming a won and a second on the heats. The racing in the midget class was very even with three different winners with Nelson's Nevil Basalaj and Glenn Everett in the heats and Nathan Blomquist winning his debut Feature. In the ¼ midget class Nelson Jayden Bradley was second to Montana Jamieson in the opening heat but then come back to win the next heat and the Feature.

Race Results - Competitors from Christchurch Unless Stated


Gold Cup

Ht 1. Dean Brindle (Auck) 1, Jamie Larsen (Palm. North) 2, Jamie Duff 3.

Ht 2. Daniel Eggleton (Auck) 1, Daniel Rogers (Auck) 2, Dean Brindle 3.

Ht 3.Duff 1, Jamie McDonald 2, Kerry Barlett (Ashburton) 3.

25 Lap Feature McDonald 1, Brindle 2,Duff 3, Larsen 4, Eggleton 5, Barlett 6, Steve Thompson 7, Skinny Colson 8, Matt Honeywell (Rakaia) 9, Kris Gerard (Nelson) 10.


Ht 1. Nevil Basalaj (Nelson) 1, Tom Lumsden 2, Glen Durie 3.

Ht 2. Glenn Everett 1, Durie 2, Basalaj 3.

Feature. Nathan Blomquist 1, Everett 2, Tom Lumsden 3.

Three Quarter Midgets

Ht 1. Jeremy Webb 1, Liam McCoubrey 2, James Thompson (Greymouth) 3.

Ht 2. Tim Millar 1, Gareth Nixon 2, Daniel McKinlay 3.

Ht 3. Webb 1, Thompson 2, Scott Bailey 3.

Ht 4. Nixon 1, Millar 2, McKinlay 3.

Feature. Webb 1, Nixon 2, Thompson 3.

Six Shooters - Canterbury Championships

Ht 1. Todd Hay 1, Kirk Hawkins 2, Matt Doncliff 3.

Ht 2. James Robinson (Dunedin) 1, Grant Harkess 2, Peter Keith 3.

Feature. Keith 1, Robinson 2, Harkness 3.

Points: Robinson 29, Harkess 26, Doncliff 25, Keith 24, Jeremy Wright 18, Hay 17, Hawkins 16, Jason Mason & Johnny Able 11, Gene Spooner 17, Tania Ashton 6.

¼ Midgets

Ht 1. Montana Jamieson 1, Jayden Bradley (Nelson) 2, Ben Morgan 3.

Ht 2. Bradley 1, Morgan 2, Courtney Jones 3.

Feature. Bradley 1, Jamieson 2, Brad Clive 3.

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