Hill wins the battle....Baughan claims the War

Nelson’s Alicia Hill took out her first Feature win in the final round of the 2019 / 20 Hydraulink Sprintcar War of the Wings (WOW) series, but it was not enough to claim overall victory in the WOW, which went to local Caleb Baughan on 357 points with Hill 13 points adrift. Blenheim's Paddy North was third overall on 276, on Saturday evening at The Racecourse Hotel and Motorlodge Ruapuna Speedway.

Baughan held a 30-point lead coming into the sixth round and knew that his first WOW title would be his if he finished the Feature and was no worse then seven places behind Hill, with the defending champion Jamie Duff on the sideline with motor issues sustained in the previous round in Nelson. The opening heat went to Shaun Ashton, who also took out the time trial, with Hill in second place from Matt Leversedge.

Heat two saw North power passed Baughan on the green light, with North going on to win with ease as Baughan was locked into a dog fight with Conner Rangi with the two swapping positions several times before a mistake in the closing lap saw Ray Baughan, Caleb’s father claiming third place from Rangi. The final heat saw Hill and Caleb Baughan meet with Sam O’Callaghan – winner of the Nelson round, coming home first from James Robinson, with Hill in third place with Caleb Baughan back in ninth place.

With the track having ‘slicked’ off for the 25 Lap Feature making passing difficult. The race had to be restarted twice after incidents on the opening lap on, the second involving Blenheim’s Steve Sullivan and Ray Baughan, which saw Sullivan’s car rolling twice coming out of the Town Bend.

When the race resumed Hill charged into the lead and was never challenged, opening-up a handy lead as North and Steve Duff battled it out for second and third spots with Caleb Baughan happy to keep out of any trouble in fifth place behind Rangi. By the midpoint of the race Hill was just over a second clear with North in second place from Duff who had to then see off a challenged mounted by Rangi.

With five laps to race, Hill was still in control of the race with North still in second place with Duff having seen of the challenge from Rangi, with Baughan content to stay in fifth place. Hill went on to take the chequered flag from North and Duff with Baughan celebrating his overall win with the a customary victory ‘donuts’.

The annual Ryan Stone Tribute for the Three Quarter Midgets, with the racing ratcheting up a notch as the driver chase honour’s in this unique event, with the Feature raced over 17 Laps – Stones racing number, with the fastest starting at the back. Liam McCoubrey set an electric pace when winning the opening heats, with his best time of 15.4728, set on lap five just 200th of a second outside the current lap record. Scott Bailey was a distant second with current NZ champions, Jeremy Webb in third placed. The second heat saw Ben Morgan coming home in first place from Rodney Thompson with the fast finishing, Kyle Glover in third place.

With the hard chargers starting at the back for the Feature Nelson’s Campbell McManaway was the early pace setting with Sam McCreanor taken the lead after a restart on the third lap was Daniel Jenkins in third place. With the back mackers steadily moving forward McCreanor opened up a handy lead as the laps counted down, On lap 13 the field closed up under caution after Rodney Thompson spun on the Town Bend. McCreanor opened-up a small lead on the restart from Jenkins with McCoubrey moving into third place, just ahead of Webb and Glover. McCoubrey tried everything to get by Jenkins but in the end ran out of lap, having to settle for third place, with McCreanor claiming victory.

There was plenty of passing which led to close racing in the Midgetcar ranks. Jeremy Webb was again doing double duty and took of the opening heat from the first finishing Tom Lumdsen, who looked to be back on form after car issues in the opening meetings of the season, setting the fastest time of the race, with Dave Kerr in third place. Webb again came out on top in the next heat after a great dice with Glen Durie with Lumsden having with settle for third spot. Lumsden could not be denied in the Feature, claiming victory from Reon Taylor – his best finish to date this season, with Durie holding Kerr out for third place.

Honours were shared around in the Six Shooter class with Peter Keith winning the opening heat, from Andrew Gregge and Kirk Hawkins. Hawkins took out the next two heats, with both Gregge and Keith each claiming a second and third place finish. In the Feature the win went to Cromwell’s Brad Evans, just ahead of Aaron Hutton with Keith a close third.

The quarter midget racing was again dominated by Caleb Cunniffe and Jack Brownlees with Cunniffe heading home Brownlees in two of the three heats with Brownlees reversing the order in the middle heat, with Malakai Webb coming on in third place. In the Feature it was Cunniffe who again claimed the chequered flag from Brownlees with Webb third.

Race Results Sprintcars Hydraulink 2019 / 2020 War of the Wings – Round 6 Time Trials - Top 5. Shaun Ashton 13.4870 seconds 1, Connor Rangi 13.5653 2, Steve Duff 13.8264 3, Sam O'Callaghan 13.8592 4, Matt Honeywell 13.8755 5. Ht 1. Ashton 1, Alicia Hill 2, Matt Leversedge 3. Ht 2. Paddy North 1, Rangi 2, Caleb Baughan 3. Ht 3. O'Callaghan 1, James Robinson 2, Hill 3. Feature. Hill 1, North 2, Steve Duff 3, Rangi 4, C Baughan 5.

Round Points: Alicia Hill 101, Paddy North 97, Steve Duff 93, Conner Rangi 86, Martin Harcourt 83, Caleb Baughan 82, James Robinson 71, Todd Richards 70, John Sievwright 67, Oscar Harcourt 50, Sam O’Callaghan 50, Ray Baughan 40, Brent Sullivan 35, Shaun Ashton 30, Matt Leversedge 25

Final points: C Baughan 357, Hill 346, North 276, Ashton258, O’Callaghan 249, Honeywell 216, M Harcourt 215, R Baughan 198, J Duff 196, Rangi 181, Sievwright 175, S Duff 160, Allan Chapman 127, Gene Spooner 102, Jacob Brownlees 92, Daniel Anderson 90, Ben Gilmore 87, Brett Sullivan 85, Nathan Roberts 79, Jason Scott 74, Richards 70, Brandon Parkinson 68, Oscar Harcourt 50, Nigel Colvin 25, Leversedge 25, Andy Erskine 20.

Three Quarter Midgetcars Ht 1. Liam McCoubrey 1, Scott Bailey 2, Jeremy Webb 3. Ht 2. Ben Morgan 1, Rodney Thompson 2, Kyle Glover 3. Ryan Stone Tribute Feature. Sam McCreanor 1, Daniel Jenkins 2, McCoubrey 3.

Midgets Ht 1. Jeremy Webb 1, Tom Lumsden 2, Dave Kerr 3. Ht 2. Webb 1, Glen Durie 2, Lumsden 3. Feature. Lumsden 1, Reon Taylor 2, Durie 3.

was was tyd nmboth Six Shooters Ht 1. Peter Keith 1, Andrew Gregge 2, Kirk Hawkins 2. Ht 2. Hawkins 1, Gregge 2, Keith 3. Ht 3. Hawkins 1, Keith 2, Gregge 3. Feature. Brad Evans 1, Arron Hutton 2, Peter Keith 3.

Quarter Midgets Ht 1. Caleb Cunniffe 2, Jack Brownlees 2, Malakai Webb 3. Ht 2. Brownlees 1, Cunniffe 2, Webb 3. Ht 3. Cunniffe 1, Brownlees 2, Webb 3. Feature. Cunniffe 1. Browlees 2, Webb 3.

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