In one of the closest finishes seen in recent times at the Racecourse Hotel and Motorlodge Ruapuna Speedway, Jamie Duff just managed to hold out his brother, Steve Duff junior, by 0.0443 seconds in the Feature of Round 4 of the $100,000 Hydraulink War of the Wings (WoW) Sprintcar series. With the two cars flashing over the finishing line locked together the electronic timing was needed to separate the two cars who had raced side by side over the closing 10 of the 25 laps, with Jamie Duff, a former New Zealand title holder, using the low line as younger brother Steve was on the high line out by the safety fence. Going into the Feature it was the three previous WoW round winners, the Duff’s and Daniel Anderson (Te Anau) filling the front three grids of the 20-car field with Steve Duff getting the jump on Anderson when the green flag dropped. Anderson was then involved in a tangle with Matt Honeywell on the Town Bend, with Anderson somehow avoiding the WoW rules, if you stop you restart at the back of the field, for the restart. When the flag dropped again the Duff’s changed to the front from Anderson with the younger of the Duff’s leading for the first lap before Jamie Duff took the lead and quickly opened-up a big lead, with Luke Keegan fourth from Alicia McLauchlan in fifth place. The field closed-up with ten laps to run when a car spun on the Town bend. On the restart the Duff’s again opened-up a lead with Jamie Duff then coming under intense press and at one stage briefly lead down the back straight over the final laps, with Anderson and Keegan having a great battle for third and fourth, with Anderson won out with McLauchlan impressing, in what is her first WoW series when claiming fifth place in what is the smallest powered cars on the field. Honeywell at a disappointing night after winning the time trials, but fail to finish the Feature. Earlier in the meeting Steve Duff won two of the qualifying heats, with the other heats wins going to Anderson and series leading coming into the meeting, Conner Rangi of Nelson. The second heat saw a spectacular crash involving Calen Baughan, with Baughans car badly damage as his car rolled and then flipped in the start/finish line after he had 'ridden' the concrete wall. The Ryan Stone Tribute for the Three Quarter Midgets was keenly contested with Liam McCoubrey and Gareth Bindon each taking out a heat with Kyle Glover notching up a second and third placing. The 17 lap Feature saw the top points scorer having to start at the back of the field, which saw both McCoubrey and Glover having back grids. With cash in the line for each lap leader the pace was on from start with Kimberley Yeatman leading Montana Jamieson for the first two laps with Daniel Jenkins in third. Jenkins took over the lead on the third lap as Glover and McCoubrey steadily passed rivals to move closer to the front. Jenkins continued to set the pace and by lap 14 Glover was in second place with McCoubrey third. The latter then dived inside Glover as the two cars entered the Prison Bend and going into the final lap the three leading cars were all nose to tail and in a blanket finish Jenkins just held in to win from McCoubrey with Glover a close third. The racing was a preview for the South Island Championship which will be contested next Saturday at Ruapuna. Racing was close in the Midgetcar section with Jeremy Webb finally turning around his mechanical issues when finishing second behind Glen Durie in the opening heat, before going one better in the next heat before finishing second in the Feature to Scott Millar with Scott Bailey third. Clayton Phillips and Courtney Jones each claimed a win and a third in the Modified Sprint class, with Jimmy Doyle finishing runner up in each race with the class missing out on their Feature due to the 10pm racing curfew. Jack Nairn had a good evening in the Quarter Midgetcar when claiming the checkered flag in all three races with Dyllan Forsey following Nairn home each time.

Race Results – (Competitors from Christchurch / Canterbury area unless stated)

Sprintcars – Hydraulink War of the Wings - Round 4

Time Trials - Top 10.

Matt Honeywell 13.4728 seconds 1,

Jamie Duff 13.4992 2,

Steve Duff jnr 13.6810 3,

Jason Smith (Nelson) 13.6994 4,

Jayden Dodge 13.7910 5,

Kris Gerard (Nelson) 13.9048 6,

Sam O’Callaghan (Dunedin) 13.9792 7,

Luke Keegan 14.0182 8,

Paddy North (Blenheim) 14.0943 9,

Daniel Anderson (Te Anau) 14.15.85 10.

Ht 1. S Duff jnr 1, Andy Erskine (Cromwell) 2, Honeywell 3.

Ht 2. D Anderson 1, J Duff 2, Smith 3.

Ht 3. Conner Rangi (Nelson) 1, Keegan 2, Dodge 3.

Ht 4. S Duff jnr 1, J Duff 2, D Anderson 3.

B Main. Matt Anderson (Cromwell) 1, Ray Baughan 2, Brent Gaudion 3.

A Main Feature. J Duff 1, S Duff jnr 2, D Anderson 3, Keegan 4, Alicia McLauchlan (Nelson) 5, Shaun Ashton 6, Rangi 7, R Baughan 8, Smith 9, Shearing 10.

Round Points:

J Duff 120, S Duff jnr 111, D Anderson 93, Keegan 92, McLauchlan 80, Ashton 80, Smith 74, Rangi 71, R Baughan 71, Dodge 62, Shearing 56, North 49. Erskine 48, M Anderson 35, Gaudion 31, Daniel McKinnell (Invercargill) 29, Honeywell 25, Jason Manson 20, O’Callaghan 18,Todd Richards 16, Gerard 10, Jason Scott (Queenstown) 0, Allan Chapman 0, Josh Walls 0, Martin Harcourt 0, Rodney Pohio 0, Greg Clements 0, Caleb Baughan 0.

Three Quarters Midgetcars Ryan Stone Tribute

Ht 1. Liam McCoubrey 1, Jeremy Webb 2, Kyle Glover 3.

Ht 2. Gareth Bindon 1, Glover 2, Rodney Thompson (Greymouth) 3.

Feature. Daniel Jenkins 1, McCoubrey 2, Glover 3.


Ht 1. Glen Durie 1, Jeremy Webb 2, Shane Clark 3.

Ht 2. Webb 1, Scott Millar 2, Scott Bailey 3.

Feature. Millar 1, Webb 2, Bailey 3.

Modified Sprints

Ht 1. Clayton Phillips 1, Jimmy Doyle 2, Courtney Jones 3.

Ht 2. Jones 1, Doyle 2, Phillips 3.

Quarter Midgetcars

Race 1. Jack Nairn 1, Dyllan Forsey 2, Cameron Sidaway 3.

Race 2. Nairn 1, Forsey 2, Oscar Harcourt 3.

Final. Nairn 1, Forsey 2, Harcourt 3.

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