Curries Hot Run Continues...Low takes Midget title

After winning the Master’s Feature on Friday evening Auckland’s Kaleb Currie made it two from two when taking out the Accessman New Zealand Grand Prix title on Saturday evening, with Currie dominating the 25 Lap Feature leading out from the green and was never seriously challenged and set a new lap record of 15.1865 seconds on lap two. Troy Pennington made the most of a restart on the final two lap to storm home moving from fourth to second with Aaron Humble making it a clean sweep for Aucklander drivers when finishing third, with current NZ champion, Jeremy Webb, slipping from second place on the restart to finish in fourth place from Dylan MacGregor (Gisborne) and Liam McCoubrey the second local driver to finish.

The restart with two laps to race, the only one on the race was a little surprising, with the yellows coming off as the retiring Ryan Barry was already off the track, just was Webb had claimed second place from Humble, which saw the field close-up on Currie, with placing going back to the last completed lap, with Webb having to drop back in behind Humble. Pennington made the most of the restart, with a question mark over if his car was in strict ‘single file’, can shot passed Webb on the green and then managed to just pass Humble right on the finishing line with the gap between the two 0.013 of a second.

The second night of qualifying for the GP saw better track condition with racing close and fast with two drivers, Humble and Dylan Macgregor both going under Webb’s old lap record, with Humble establishing a new 10 lap record of 160.0763 seconds when winning the 10th heat from MacGregor and Webb. Humble also won his other heat, edging out Webb and Ryan Barry. Other heats win’s went to Duane Todd, Currie, Troy Pennington and MacGregor. Competitors now head over to Greymouth to contest the New Zealand Championship, with Webb trying to win an unprecedented fourth straight title.

Jack Low claimed his first Accessman South Island Midgetcar title in was a deserved and popular win. While the championship attracted a smaller than expected field racing was close and intense with driving chasing maximum points from the two heats to start near the front for the 20 Lap Feature. Tom Lumsden claimed victory in the opening heat with Jeremy Webb, the defending champion and Dave Kerr have a great dice over the final few laps for second and third, with Webb taking second spot, but only just from Kerr with Low in fourth.

Heat two was drama packed with Kerr leading out from Webb with Gen Durie settling for third place. Several caution periods failed to stop a great dice between Kerr and Webb as Lumsden slowly worked his way forward from the back of the field. Webb took the lead after a second restart with Kerr in the chasing role. On the eleventh lap Webb nearly rolled when hitting a rut and half spun in the Town Bend and Kerr then rolled on the same part of the track with a small oil fire quickly extinguished by the crash crew. Both cars did not make the restart with Lumsden sweeping passed Durie in the restart to claim his second heat win, was Low also passing Durie before the chequered flag.

Lumsden lead out from Low in the Feature with Low coming back to take the lead on the next lap with Webb also managing to pass Lumsden before the yellows came on after Reon Taylor rolled after riding the wheel on Mitchell Hill’s car, forcing both to retire. On the restart Low was cool under pressure and lead out from Webb Lumsen and Kerr. With Webb and Lumsden battling each other Low opened up a handy lead as the laps reached the halfway point with the leaders beginning to lap cars, which saw Low’s lead cut into. With two laps to Webb was only a couple of car lengths behind with Lumsden handing his hands full trying to keep out a fast-finishing Kerr. Low held on to take the title from Webb was Lumsden fourth from Kerr with Durie in fifth place.

The quarter midget section again saw packed fields, but a series is yellow lights, due to four cars rolling during the meeting and several spins making the racing somewhat disjointed. Jacob Cunniffe continued his stella season with two heats wins and then went on to take out the Feature, with Isabella Clark putting in a great drive to claim second place, holding out Auckland’s Alec Insley in third place.

Cromwell’s Adam Evans made it back-to-back Feature wins in his V6 Wingless Sprint, head home Ben Smart and Andrew Gregge. Evans also had a third placing in the opening heat, won by Peter Keith with Evans then winning the next heat.

Racing in the Modified Sprints clas was fast and furious the Jayden Fraser and Craig Cox claiming heat wins before Nelson’s Jayeden Basalaj, who finished in second place in both of the heats, dominated the Feature to head Kieran Harris and Fraser.

Race Results Three Quarter Midgets Accessman NZ Grand Prix Ht 10. Aaron Humble 1, Dylan MacGregor 2, Jeremy Webb 3. Ht 11. Duane Todd 1, Ryan MacGregor 2, Ryan Barry 3. Ht 12. Kaleb Currie 1, Ben Gilmore 2, Ben Morgan 3. Ht 13. Aaron Humble 1. Webb 2, Barry 3. Ht 14. D MacGregor 1, James Thompson 2, Currie 3. Ht 15. Troy Pennington 1, Ben Morgan 2, Duane Todd 3. B Main - (1st and 2nd to Feature). Cambell McManaway 1, Ben Smith 2, Alicia Hill 3. B Main – (1st and 2nd to Feature). R MacGregor 1, Dylan Bensemann 2, Thompson 3. NZ GP Qualifying Points: Currie 96, Humble 92, T Pennington 91, McCoubrey 88, Gillies 88, Webb 87, D MacGregor 87, Morgan 83, Ryan Barry 83, Bryce Pennington 81, Rachel Melrose 81, Todd 80, Gilmore 79, Sam McCreanor 79. Kyle Glover 77, Scott Bailey 76, Smith 74, R McGregor 72, Jamie Booth 72, Jonti Austin 71, Hill 71, Yeatman 70, McNanaway 69, Bensemann 66, Griffen Law 66, Robert Gomm 59, Scott McIntosh 57, Cameron Sole 57, Luke Dilworth 57, Saul Smith 57, Grace Roxburgh 50, Jess Morris 49. Mike Bell 45, Tim Yellowlees 35, James Thompson 35.

NZ GP Feature 25 Laps. Currie 1, T Pennington 2, Humble 3, Webb 4, D MacGregor 5, Liam McCoubrey 6, Todd 7, Kris Gillies 8, Morgan 9, Kyle Glover 10.

Midgetcars Accessman South Island Championship Ht 1. Tom Lumsden 1, Jeremy Webb 2, Dave Kerr 3. Ht 2. Lumsden 1, Jack Low 2, Glen Durie 3. Qualifying Points: Lumsden 40, Low 36, Durie 33, Kerr 33, Webb 33, Mitchell Hill 29, Reon Taylor 29, Nathan Wilkie 26, Jay Chadwick 25, Glenn Huijs 23, Glen Milroy 23. SI Final Feature 20 Laps. Low 1, Webb 2, Lumsden 3, Kerr 4, Durie 5, Jay Chadwick 6, Nathan Wilkie 7, Glenn Huijs 8. DNF Reon Taylor , Mitchell Hill

Quarter Midgets Ht 7. Jacob Cunniffe 1, Alec Insley 2, Romeo Warren-Webb 3. Ht 8. Jack Groenewald 1, Ethan Smith 2, Kohen Thompson 3. Ht 9. Cunniffe 1, Reagan Edwards 2, Malakai Webb 3. Ht 10. E Smith 1, Coney Webley 2, Kohen Thompson 3. , Feature. Cunniffe 1, Isabella Clark 2, Alec Insley 3.

Modified Sprints Ht 1. Jayden Fraser 1, Jayedan Basalaj 2, Kieran Harris 3. Ht 2. Craig Cox 1, Basalaj 2, Courtney Jones 3. Feature. Basalaj 1, Harris 2, Fraser 3.

V6 Wingless Sprints Ht 1. Peter Keith 1, Kirk Hawkins 2, Adam Evans 3 Ht 2. Evans 1, Andrew Gregge 2, Hawkins 3. Feature. Evans 1, Ben Smart 2, Gregge 3.

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