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Kaleb Currie, claimed the Accessman TQ Master's on Friday evening, from follow Aucklander, Troy Pennington with local, Liam McCoubrey in third place. The Master's ended the night which saw the first nine qualifying heats for the NZ Grand Prix which will completed on Saturday evening, with a 25 Lap Feature along with the South Island Midget Championship.

Currie quickly took the lead in the Master's and was never seriously threatened over the 20 laps with McCoubrey and Pennington then having a real battle for the other minor placings. McCoubrey held second place for most of the race before Pennington manage to make a pass stick in the latter part of the and then increased the margin over the last few laps with Rachel Melrose following McCoubrey home to claim fourth place with Hawkes Bay's Duane Todd fifth and Kyle Glover in six place with several drivers, including current NZ champion retiring midway into the race.

Webb's night also started with a retirement, one of several drivers that suffered damaging in the lumpy track conditions on the turns, with Webb then bouncing back to win his other two heats, the other driver to claim two wins. Bryce Pennington (Auckland) took out the opening heat with the other wins going to Kris Gillies (Hawkes Bay). Dylan MacGregor (Gisborne), Melrose, McCoubrey, current NZ #2, Ryan Barry (Auckland) and Currie.

At the end of the nine heats Currie and McCoubrey are level on 58 points, with Gillies and Troy Pennington on 55, Melrose 53, Aaron Humble 52, with Webb and Sam McCreanor on 50, Bryce Pennington 49 and Dylan MacGregor rounding out the top ten on 48. There are another 40 points up grabs for all drivers tonight with the tops points scorers starting from the front rows for the NZ GP.

Over twenty quarter midgets took to the track, will plenty of Auckland drivers in attendance which lead to plenty of close racing in all six heats. Auckland's Alec Insley and local star, Jacob Cunniffe lead the way with Insley claiming two wins and a third from his three heats with Cunniffe claiming a win, a second and a third to sit a point adrift of Insley. Three drivers, Romeo Warren-Webb, Reagan Edwards and Shayden Austin are currently tied in third place another points behind Cunniffe. Warren-Webb and Reagan claimed a heat win with the other going to Briana Insley.

Despite the Sprintcars having a smaller field than normal there was still plenty of spirited racing. Steve Duff was a clear winning in the opening heat with Dave Kerr hard charging style seeing him storm home for second place, just ahead of Allan Chapman. Duff swept into the lead, moving from third to take the lead in one movement, going on to claim his second win from Oscar Harcourt with Kerr having to settle for third place. A steering issue forced Duff to retire early in the Feature which saw Kerr lead out from the restart with Oscar Harcourt in second place with Todd Richards in third. Harcourt's father, Martin then had a gentle roll after riding a wheel. The placing remain unaltered going into the laps with Kerr holding a good lead with Todd's race ending after riding the wall inflicting considerable damage to his car , with the race being declared with Kerr claiming the chequered flag from Oscar Harcourt and Ray Baughan.

The V6 Wingless Sprints turn in so close racing with Cromwell's Adam Evans and local Kirk Hawkins each taking out a won and a second place in the heats and then battled it out in Feature. The two were never more than several cars lengths apart with Evan claiming the win from Hawkins with Ben Smart third.

Race Results. Three Quarter Midgets - GP Qualifying. Ht 1. Bryce Pennington 1, Aaron Humble 2, Saul Smith 3. Ht 2. Kris Gillies 12, Kaleb Currie 2, Rachel Melrose 3. Ht 3. Dylan MacGregor 1, Liam McCoubrey 2, Scott Bailey 3. Ht 4. Jeremy Webb 1, Kaleb Currie 2, Gillies 3. Ht 5. Melrose 1, Troy Pennington 2, Sam McCreanor 3. Ht 6. McCoubrey 1, Kimberley Yeatman 2, James Thompson 3. Ht 7. Webb 1, T Pennington 2, Ben Gilmore Ht 8. Ryan Barry 1, McCoubrey 2, MacGregor 3. Ht 9. Currie 1, Duane Todd 2, Alicia Hill 3.

NZ GP Progress points (after 3 of the 5 rounds): Currie 58, McCoubrey 58, Gillies 55, T Pennington 55, Melrose 53, Aaron Humble 52, Webb 50, McCreanor 50. B Pennington 49, D MacGregor 48, Berry 47, Yeatman 47, Bailey 47, Thompson 47, Hill 46, Jonti Austin 46, Jamie Booth 46, Ben Morgan 46, Gilmore 45, Kyle Glover 43, Todd 42, Ryan MacGregor 40, Cambell McManaway 39, Griffin Law 38, Luke Dilworth 38, Dylan Bensemann 36, Robert Gomm36, Camerson Sole 35, Tim Yellowleses 35.Scott McIntosh 32, Grace Roxburgh 31, Smith 31, Jess Morris 30, Mike Bell 23

TQ Masters Feature. Currie 1, T Pennington 2, McCoubrey 3, Melrose 4, Todd 5, Glover 6.

Quarter Midgets Ht 1. Jacob Cunniffe 1, Reagan Edwards 2, Briana Insley 3. Ht 2. Alec Insley 1, Shayden Austin2, Riley Brown 3. Ht 3. B Insley 1, Isabelle Clark 2, Cunniffe 3. Ht 4. Romeo Warren-Webb 1, Austin 2, A Insley 3. Ht 5. Edwards 1, Cunniffe 2, Malakai Webb 3. Ht 6. A Insley 1, Warren-Webb 2, Austin 3.

Progress Points(after 3 of 5 rounds): A Insley 40, Cunniffe 39, Wareen-Webb38, Edwards 38, Austin 38, B Insley 36, I Clark 35, Brooke Clark 32,Malakai Webb 31, DJ Shilton 28, Locky Martin25, Deegan Thompson 25, Tyler Barlow 22, Lakyn Thompson 20, Kohen Thompson 20, Bailey Bensemann 20, Lukus Smith 19, Jack Groenewald 18, Riley Browne 16, Ethan Smith 13, Alexander Twiname 13, Conley Webley 13, Jackson Clark 12, Benjamin Everett 12, Brodie Morris 6.

Sprintcars Ht 1. Steve Duff 1, Dave Kerr 2, Allan Chapman 3. Ht 2. Duff 1, Oscar Harcourt 2, Kerr 3. Feature. Kerr 1, Harcourt 2, Ray Baughan 3.

V6 Wingless Sprints Ht 1. Kirk Hawkins 1, Andrew Gregge 2. Adam Evans 3. Ht 2. Evans 1, Peter Keith 2, Hawkins 3. Feature. Evans 1, Hawkins 2, Ben Smart 3.

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