Corona Virus Speedway Update 17/3/2020

Ruapuna Speedway regrets to advise that this Saturdays (March 21) meeting has been cancelled however plans are underway to run the final meeting on April 4, which will feature a round of the Hydraulink War of the Wings. Club president Alan Daly said that the logistical hurdles to operate 'behind closed doors' this weekend were too great to achieve in such a way that the authorities would be satisfied. " We need to put in place registration of all people who will be in the grounds, and need to meet council and health authority requirements. Counting the drivers, their crews, officials and volunteers needed to run we are already nudging 500 people, the maximum allowable. This number encompasses the whole speedway- pits, and spectators combined. This means that there will be little or no opportunity to have spectators. We will work on what we can do with season ticket holders, but that is unlikely to include admission to the event. We will be live streaming the event....I know that's not ideal, but the situation requires careful management. Pit crew numbers could be cut may some officials but we need to be absolutely compliant." Daly said that should restrictions on public events be lifted earlier than anticipated consideration would be given to racing further events, however he expected that the live streaming 'meeting' with no spectators would be a one off. "I know many people will be disappointed, but this really is our only option. This is an unprecedented event for everyone, but it will also open up opportunities for families to sit at home and watch the speedway on the warmth." (END)

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