Butterworth Midgets action packed 9th November 2013

The winner of the Midget car feature went to the southern man Gavin Wilkie The opening round of the Barry Butterworth Trophy Midget Series at Elf Ruapuna Speedway on Saturday evening produced close fast racing with one of the favourites for the series ‘Quick' Nick Donaldson involved a in spectacular roll which saw is car climb 10 metres in the air.

The incident happened early in the third heat when Donaldson was closing in on race leader Glenn Everett when the two cars raced around the Prison bend on the fourth lap. Donaldson's then ‘bicycled' on the right hand side before rearing and then flipping violently several times at height before coming back rest on the track. Donaldson climbed from his badly damaged car and was helped into the track side ambulance and after the meeting was taken to hospital for observation.

Earlier in the meeting Donaldson was untroubled to take out the opening two heat with ease, leading both from start to finish and only a faulty timing transponder in Donaldson's car denied him a new 15 lap record. Donaldson's was a clear winner from Everett with Tom Lumsden third from David Kerr, with the latter debuting his new Aggressor car. This was the only race that Kerr, the current South Island champion, finished as his car suffered from minor issues.

The second heat saw Dunedin's Gavin Wilkie follow Donald son home with Everett third from Scott Millar. Everett won the re-run in heat three from Wilkie and Millar. Wilkie dominated the Feature holding on to an early lead with Graham Sharp in second place from Lumsden.

Racing was close again in the Three Quarter Midget class with three different winners with Kevin Clive and Daniel McKinlay each winning a heat with Jeremy Webb winning the Feature from Gareth Bindon and the fast finishing Matt Leversedge.

Visiting driver's come out on top of the Modified Sprint and Six Shooters racing with Glenn Finlay of Invercargill winning a heat and then backing up by taking Feature in his Modified Sprint with Dunedin's Matt Anderson winning all three Six Shooter races.

Shian Robb was the pick of the Youth Mini Stock drivers starting the night with the second place in the opening heat before winning the next heat and the Feature. Montana Jamieson win all three Quarter Midget races with Hunter Rowlands also having a good meeting in the development class with two seconds and a third, with Clint Warwood and passenger Paul Auton unbeaten in the sidecar section.


Race Results (Competitors from Christchurch Unless Stated)

Midgets - Barry Butterworth Trophy Series - Round 1

Ht 1. Nick Donaldson 1, Glenn Everett 2, Tom Lumsden 3.

Ht 2. Donaldson 1, Gavin Wilkie (Dunedin) 2, Everett 3.

Ht 3. Everett 1, Wilkie 2, Scott Millar 3.

Feature. Wilkie 1, Graham Sharp 2, Lumsden 3.

Three Quarter Midgets

Ht 1. Kevin Clive 1, Jeremy Webb 2, Matt Leversedge 3.

Ht 2. Daniel McKinlay 1, Gareth Bindon 2, Kyle Glover 3.

Feature. Webb 1, Bindon 2, Leversedge 3.

Modified Sprints

Ht 1. Glen Finlay (Invercargill) 1, Josh Walls 2, Nigel Jackson 3.

Ht 2. Ben Gilmore 1, Walls 2, Daryl Scott (Inv.) 3.

Feature. Finlay 1, Walls 2, Scott 3.

Six Shooters

Ht 1. Matt Anderson (Dun.) 1, Kris Jemmett 2, Ben Smit 3.

Ht 2. Anderson 1, Shaun Ashton 2, Smit 3.

Feature. Anderson 1, Jemmett 2, Ashton 3.

Youth Mini Stocks

Ht 1. Christan Coburn 1, Shian Robb 2, Josh King 3.

Ht 2. Robb 1, Matt Peterson 2, King 3.

Feature. Robb 1, Coburn 2, King 3.

Quarter Midgets

Race 1. Montana Jamieson 1, Ben Morgan 2, Hunter Rowlands 3.

Race 2. Jamieson 1, Rowlands 2, Aneshia Forsey 3.

Final. Jamieson 1, Rowlands 2, Jack Low 3.


Race 1. Clint Warwood/Paul Auton 1, Pete Stevens/'Rusta' 2.

Race 2. Warwood/Auton 1, Stevens/'Rusta' 2.

Final. Warwood/Auton 1, Stevens/'Rusta' 2

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