Anderson and Maxwell claim inaugural Ruapuna Rumble

Paul Anderson and Johnny Maxwell claimed victory in the inaugural Nicholson Contracting Sidecar Rumble at the Racecourse Hotel and Motorlodge Ruapuna Speedway on Saturday evening with the bike theme of the meeting added to with a large contingent of ATV’s and Flat Trackers.

Anderson and Maxwell somewhat struggled in the heat racing but finished the meeting strongly by winning the B Final, from Aaron Sullivan / Nick Wood and Chris Roberts and Rod Renfrew, with all three combinations then progressing to the A Final.

The A Final saw Cory Lang and Sam Elliott lead from the gate from Ben Morris and Geoff Roper, with Lang and Elliott then slowly back through with bike problems. Anderson and Maxwell powered into the lead to take the chequered flag, from Morris and Roper with Sullivan and Woods.

Earlier in the meeting Morris and Roper were unbeaten in both their heats with Lang and Elliott winning their opening heat before finishing a close second to Morris and Roper, when they met, with the Roberts / Renfrew combination taking out the other heat win.

Racing in the ATV’s was close with accurate handicapping seeing the more experienced riders charging through the field as the laps counted down, which saw plenty of passing. Dan McClure took of the Final just holding out Taylor Graham with Chris Cunard in third place.

The Flat trackers were making their first appearance at Ruapuna with third visiting North Island riders dominating the racing, with Auckland’s Luke Ramsey having a good meeting when claiming the Final to go along with his two heats wins and a second placing. Ramsey’s only come at the hands of Blake Gillard who finished second in the Final, just ahead of Scott Wilkins.

The Classic Flat trackers provided plenty of smiles as some old machines took to the track with Joel Aitken and Graham White the pick of the riders.

The Modified Sprint section turned on fast close racing with six different drivers finishing in the top three placings in the heats with Courtney Jones and Craig Cox claiming the wins. Nelson’s Jayden Basalaj took out the Feature from Charlie Jackson and Craig Cox, with the latter having a busy night as he also raced in the ATV class.

Jacob Cunniffe continued his impressive run in the Quarter Midget class when going through the undefeated. Dyllan Forsey and Ethan Smith provided Cunniffe with his main opposition. Each claiming a second place in the heats. Cunniffe narrowly took out the Feature from Smith with a relegation costing Forsey third placing which meant Brook Clark again finished on the podium.

Results Sidecars Group 1 Ht 1. Ben Morris / Geoff Roper 1, Neil Hill / Tony Henry / 2, Warren Benson/James Shelby 3 Ht 2. Cory Lang / Sam Elliot 1, Aaron Sullivan / Nick Wood 2, Chris Roberts / Rod Renfrew 3. Ht 3. Roberts / Renfrew 1, Sullivan / Wood 2. Ht 4. Morris / Roper 1, Lang / Elliott 2, Benson / Shelby 3.

B Final. Paul Anderson / Johnny Maxwell 1, Sullivan / Wood 2, Roberts / Renfrew 3. A Final. Anderson / Maxwell 1, Morris / Roper 2, Sullivan / Wood 3.

ATV's Ht 1. Jodie Bovendeerd 1, Ian Adams 2, Sean Adams 3. Ht 2. Bob Tweed 1, Dave Rogers 2, I Adams 3. Ht 3. Jasmine Cunard 1, Taylor Graham 2, Burt McCrath 3. Ht 4. J Cunard 1, Dan McClure 2, Taylor Graham 3. Ht 5. Daniel Wilson 1, Chris Cunard 2, Corey Duckmanton 3. Ht 6. S Adams 1, Duckmanton 2, C Cunard 3. Final. McClure 1, Taylor Graham 2, C Cunard 3.

Flat Trackers Group 1 Ht 1. Luke Ramsey 1, Blake Gillard 2, Matt Wortman 3. Ht 2. Gillard 1, Ramsey 2, Wayne Drake 3. Ht 3. Ramsey 1, Gillard 2, Scott Wilkins 3. Feature. Ramsey 1, Gillard 2, Wilkins 3.

Group 2 - Classics Ht 1. Joel Aitken 1, Rob Stowell 2, Graham White 3. Ht 2. Aitken 1, White 2, Denis Raymond 3. Ht 3. Aitken 1, White 2, Stowell 3.

Modified Sprints Ht 1. Courtney Jones 1, Michael Collins 2, Charlie Jackson 3. Ht 2. Craig Cox 1, Jayden Basalaj 2, Clayton Phillips 3. Feature. Basalaj 1, Jackson 2, Cox 3.

Quarter Midgets Ht 1. Jacob Cunniffe 1, Ethan Smith 2, Dyllan Forsey 3. Ht 2. Cunniffe 1, Forsey 2, Caleb Cribb 3. Feature. Cunniffe 1, Smith 2, Brook Clark 3.

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