A wrap on night one of the Avon Insurance Sprintcar Bonanza

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

Sprintcar Gold Cup / Salute To Goodie Groups Group 1 Jonathon Allard 2NZ Steve Duff Jnr 15C Martin Harcourt 32C Matt Honeywell 64C Sam O'Callaghan 75N Skinny Colson 66K Ben Gilmore 83C Jack Brown 57I

Group 2 Jamie Larsen 82P John Sievwright 14T (Scratched) Daniel Anderson 44I Paddy North 46E Alicia Hill 6N Oscar Harcourt 7C Dave Kerr 99C Paul Donavan 8P

Group 3 Jamie McDonald 71A Matthew Anderson 16T Allan Chapman 44C Caleb Baughan 59C Stephen Taylor 21W Shaun Ashton 73C Ray Baughan 95C Kyle Shearing 4T

Group 4 Jamie Duff 19C Gene Spooner 21C Connor Rangi 57N Matthew Leversedge 78C Luke Wederall 9C Dean Brindle 22A Nathan Roberts 8C

Race Results Sprintcars Ht 1 (Group 1 & 4). Sam O'Callaghan 1, Jonathon Allard 2, Steve Duff 3, Matt Leversedge 4, Matt Honeywell 5, Jamie Duff 6.

O'Callaghan lead out from Grid 1 to have a flag to fag in. Allard from 5th to 3rd after restart from yellow on lap 8 with the American then having a great dice with Steve Duff for second place over the close laps with Jamie Duff and Leversedge storming home in the closing laps after both started near the back of the grid.

Ht 2 (Group 2 & 3). Jamie McDonald 1, Stephan Taylor 3, Caleb Baughan 3, Ray Baughan 4, Mathew Anderson 5, Allan Chapman 6. Yellow on opening lap after Alicia Hill rolled after contact with another car, Alicia OK. In re-run McDonald cleared out for a run away win by over 1.5 seconds, with Taylor just holding out Caleb Baughan for second after a great dice from Ray Baughan Mathew Anderson and Allan Chapman home in 6th place.

Ht 3 (Group 1 & 3). Jamie Larsen 1, Allard 2, O'Callaghan 3, Paddy North 4, Honeywell 5, Graeme 'Skinny' Colson 6. Larsen cleared out to claim win by over 5 seconds with Allard charging from mid pack to have a great battle with O'Callaghan to claim second place with North 4th from Honeywell and Colson.

Ht 4 (Group 2 & 4). Leversedge 1, Dean Brindle 2, McDonald 3, Connor Rangi 4, Caleb Baughan 5, Taylor 6. Leversedge controlled race from opening laps opening up a 5 second lead before Luke Wederell hooked a wheel and rolled on Lap 5, with Brindle home in second place from grid 5, McDonald 3rd from grid 8, followed home by Rangi, Taylor and Jamie Duff.

Ht 5 (Group 1 & 2). Allard 1, Ashton 2, Honeywell 3, Taylor 4, Kyle Shearing 5, McDonald 6. Allard early dice with Ashton before Allard took control with Taylor's hard charging style moving him up from grid 7 but Honeywell just managed to hold on to third place from Taylor, Shearing and McDonald.

Ht 6 (Group 3 & 4). Rangi 1, Brindle 2, Larsen 3, Leversedge 4, Oscar Harcourt 5, Daniel Anderson.

Race of the night so far with Rangi first having to see off Jamie Duff, with Duff taking the lead only to then spin with Brindle then challenging Rangi for the lead with the two swapping the lead over the final three laps with Rangi just hold on for the win with Larsen third from Leversedge with teenager Oscar Harcourt driving a great race to take fifth place from Daniel Anderson.

Eighteen top points scorer are: Allard - electing to start from Grid 2, Leversedge, McDonald, Larsen, Brindle, Taylor, Honeywell, Rangi, O'Callaghan, Ashton, C Baughan, J Duff, North, M Anderson, Chapman, Colson, Shearing, R Baughan

Salute to Goodie Feature. Larsen 1, Allard 2, Brindle 3, Taylor 4, Duff 5, McDonald 6, Rangi 7, Leversedge 8, Honeywell 9, O'Callaghan 10.

Allard lead until lap 15 before his car just tagged fence out of turn two and Larsen cut inside to claim lead with the caution coming with two lap to run after Ashton spun. On the restart Larsen and Allard ran side by side before Larsen claimed the lead setting the fastest time of the race of 14.4760 on the final lap with Brindle in third from Taylor, who was originally relegated two spots for racing infringement's but was then reinstated back into fourth from the fast finishing Duff, with McDonald sixth, Rangi home in 7th Leversedge dropping back to 8th with Honeywell and O'Callaghan rounding out the top ten.

Three Quarter Midgets Ht 1. Jeremy Webb 1, Kyle Glover 2, Liam McCoubrey 3. Ht 2. McCoubrey 1, Sam McCreanor 2, Glover 3. Feature. Webb 1, McCoubrey 2, Glover 3.

Modified Sprints Ht 1. Simon Moore 1, Kieran Harris 2, Daniel Jenkins 3. Ht 2. Courtney Jones 1, Charlie Jackson 2, Jayedan Basalaj 3. Feature. Harris 1, Jackson 2, Basalaj 3.

V6 Wingless Sprints Ht 1. Adam Evans 1, Peter Keith 2, Luke McClymont 3. Ht 2. McClymont 1, Paul Smith 2, Evans 3. Feature. McClymont 1, Evans 2, Keith 3.

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