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NZ Sprintcar Title 2022/23

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2022 - 2023 Accessman New Zealand Sprintcar Championships
4th and 5
th of February
(Entries Close 11th of January 2023)


Official Entry Form


Conditions of Entry

1. The event will be run according to Speedway New Zealand Inc. rulebook.
2. Technical Inspections: Please pay attention to rules E2-3-1 to E2-3-5.
3. System of lap scoring will be MYLAPS electronic system. Vehicles without a working MYLAPS
capable transmitter will not be allowed to race.
4. You must have a working one way Race Receiver to get instructions from the referees.
5. It is a condition of entry that competing vehicles arrive at vehicle checking displaying the
number and track letter allocated to them and that the numbers comply with the rules of
Speedway New Zealand Inc. Duplicate numbers will be accepted.
6. The Promoter reserves the right to alter the format to an approved SNZ Approved Format.
7. Sponsors advertising sticker 250 x 75mm will be affixed to each vehicle in a prominent place.
8. No telephone entries will be accepted.
9. In the event of a rainout the Promoter reserves the right to hold the event on the next most
opportune day and time and in accordance with SNZ rules and regulations.
10. Noise level of 95dba will be enforced.

11. For promotional use, please complete the drivers profile form and include a clear coloured
photograph of your vehicle and a head and shoulders photograph of yourself. By entering the
event all entrants agree to Ruapuna Speedway using their names and pictures for any
publication or promotion of the event.
12. In the event that you have forwarded an entry form and you discover that you cannot attend,
you must notify the Promoter of your inability to honour this contract.
13. All competitors and crews must attend a CSA Health and Safety briefing to be held in the club
rooms. This will be called before the drivers briefing on the loud speakers.
All competitors must have a race control profile and have registered for the meeting on Either use your login that you already have or push register and make a
profile, Login to the event before they arrive at the track for sign in. This is a requirement for the
CSA Health and Safety Policy. If you need help with this please call Bridget on 0272277617.


Vehicle Checking
Date: Saturday the 4
th of February 2023 Time: 10.00am - 2.00pm
The scrutineering venue will be Ruapuna Speedway, Hasketts Road, Templeton. Vehicles will not be able
to be taken away from the venue once scrutineering is completed.


Date: Sunday the 5th of February 2023 Time: 2.00pm - 4.00pm
The scrutineering venue will be Ruapuna Speedway, Hasketts Road, Templeton. Vehicles will not be able
to be taken away from the venue once scrutineering is completed.

Competitors’ Meeting
Competitors’ briefing and roll call to be held at the track clubrooms at 3.00pm sharp. As per SNZ rules it
is a requirement to attend this briefing so anyone absent will be excluded from the event.

Saturday night warm-ups to be held at 4.30pm, to be followed by each group having an official
practice/hotlaps from 5pm. There will be a warm up on the Sunday night at 5.00pm. The race meeting
will start a 6pm on both nights. There will be no hot laps on the Sunday night.

SNZ Approved Format Qualifying Rule M4 25

All competitors will be split into 6 groups (there may less groups dependent on numbers) which will be
seeded, and all grids done for all competitors. This is determined by Ruapuna Speedway. This
information will be provided to entrants as soon as practical following the entry closing date. It will also

be posted on our website.

Each group will race each other once over two nights – three event heats on
night one and two event heats on night two. The top 16 points scorers after all 5 event heats have been
completed will qualify directly to a winner takes all final race. The driver highest on points will have the
choice of grid 1 or 2 for the final with the second highest points scorer starting from the leftover grid.
Drivers positioned 3rd – 16th on points will fill grids 3 – 16 for the final.

All the above event heats races will be 10 laps. In case of a tie-on points for the top qualifiers in each group the following system will be used to resolve the matter. Whoever has the higher finishing position in any of the five heats of the two persons tied on points, they will be given the higher ranking than the other person. If this cannot separate them, then it will go on who has the fastest lap time over the 5 heats.

All remaining drivers will race in a last chance ‘B Main’ event races. There will be two B Mains events
(depending on numbers). This will be for all remaining cars. The first B Main event will be made up from
the odd numbers from the grid positions and the second B Main event will be made up with the even
numbers from the grid positions. The first 2 drivers to cross the finish line after a set number of laps
(determined by the host track) in each B Main event will transfer to the winner takes all final race. First
B Main drivers will fill grids 17 and 19 and the second B Main drivers will fill grids 18 and 20. The B mains will be 10 laps.

Final: Will see the highest points scorer selecting grid 1 or 2 for the 30-lap final. Final race to consist of
20 cars.

The winner of the 30 lap final will be crowned the New Zealand Sprintcar Champion for 2022/2023
season. Ruapuna Speedway reserves the right to modify or change the SNZ Approved Format if weather
conditions are not favourable, in conjunction with SNZ, to ensure the event is held.

Prize Money
B Main All competitors who don’t make it to the A Main will get $150
A Main For the New Zealand Sprintcar Championship Final Total $20,000
1st $ 5,000 2nd $ 3,000 3rd $ 2,000 4th $ 1,000 5th $ 800 
6th $ 700 7th $ 600 8th $ 500 9th $ 400 10th
$ 400 
11th $ 350 12th $ 350 13th $ 350 14th $ 350 15th $ 350 16th $ 300 17th $ 300 18th

$ 300 19th $ 300 20th $ 300

Note: Competitors need to take the green flag to be eligible for payout.

Admission to Venue

Admission to Pit Area
All drivers will be issued with only five pit wristbands. Anyone remaining in the pit area without a pit
wristband will be removed to Main Stadium.
All children under the age of 15 to wear Hi Viz vests in the Pit area showing vehicle number that they
belong to. Also they must be signed into the Pit Office and get a kids wrist band. Hi Viz must be supplied
by competitor.

Tow vehicles and trailers only in pit area. All other vehicles to be parked in Main Carpark.
It is Christchurch Speedway Association policy that the pit area is closed to all but officials, competitors
and crew.

Shoes or boots must be worn. Bare feet, sandals, jandals or such like will not be permitted.


Corporate / VIP Area

Anyone requiring any Corporate or VIP guest tickets for the event, please contact Gerard Hansen by
email on .



No merchandise of any sort to be sold in the Main Stadium or Main Carpark/Entrance area.
Merchandising is permitted to be sold in the pit area but only from the competitors towing rig in their
parking area. No special stands are to be set up.

The Racecourse Hotel and Motor Lodge is our preferred accommodation supplier.
118 Racecourse Road, Sockburn, Christchurch 8042
Please Call : 03-342 7150 to book you Accommodation

Friday the 3rd of February 2022 there will be a get together and Meet the Drivers

and Front-End Challenge Night There will be a get together to meet the drivers on the Friday night at The RaceCourse Hotel and Motor Lodge from 6pm in the Carbine Lounge

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