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2022-2023 Clay Cup Entry Form
(Entries Close 28 th of January 2023)

Official Entry Form

Conditions of Entry

1. The event will be run according to Speedway New Zealand Inc. rulebook.


2. Technical Inspections: Please pay attention to section T10-7 of the SNZ rule book for all relevant Modified Sprint rulings. Any vehicle that does not meet these specifications will not be eligible to obtain points from any event attended with that vehicle.


3. System of lap scoring will be MyLaps electronic system. Vehicles without a working MyLapscapable transmitter will not be allowed to race.


4. You must have a working one way Race Receiver to get instructions from the referees.


5. It is a condition of entry that competing vehicles arrive at vehicle checking displaying the number and track letter allocated to them and that the numbers comply with the rules of Speedway New Zealand Inc. Duplicate numbers will be accepted.


6. No telephone entries will be accepted.


7. In the event of a rainout the Promoter reserves the right to render that round void for points in the overall series.


8. Noise level of 95dba will be enforced.


9. For promotional use, please complete the drivers profile form and include a clear coloured photograph of your vehicle and a head and shoulders photograph of yourself. By entering the event all entrants agree to each event track using their names and pictures for any publication or promotion of the event.


10. In the event that you have forwarded an entry form and you discover that you cannot attend, you must notify the Promoter of your inability to honour this contract.


Event Details
Location: Ruapuna Speedway
Saturday 4 February 2023
Start Time: 6pm

SNZ Approved Format Qualifying Rule M4 23
Format at each event will depend on the number of competitors present at the meeting and is subject to change at the rights of the rep(s). The following formats will be applied. 


14 competitors or less Each competitor will draw a marble for their Race One grid position. Each competitor will race three heat races based off their original marble draw in a typical ‘front, middle, back’ system. 15 competitors or more Each competitor with be split into one of three groups. Each group will race two heat races, one against each group. where the top 16 points scorers will progress to the final. This will make the grids for the final race in order of their points.
For either format, the top qualifier will have the option of grid 1 or 2.


All the above heat races will be 10 laps, the feature for each night will be 15 laps.
In case of a tie on points for the top qualifiers in each group the following system will be used to resolve the matter. Whoever has the higher finishing position in any of the heats of the two persons tied on points, they will be given the higher ranking than the other person. If this cannot separate them, then person with the fastest lap time in the heats will be give the higher rank.

Minimum Meetings Requirement
It is a requirement of all competitors attending the Modified Sprint Clay Cup event – as listed under event details – to have participated in a minimum of three meetings prior to attendance in order to be eligible for entry.
Participation is determined as taking the Green Flag within the Modified Sprint Class at any South Island Speedway track. Failure to complete this requirement will result in the competitor being disallowed entry to the Clay Cup Event.


Dispensation may be applied for, in writing, to the Ruapuna Speedway’s committee, whom will have final decision on allowance or denial of the dispensation request.

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